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57908, iSO 16905:2015, resilient floor coverings - Specification for rubber floor covering - Tile/Plank (Only available in English iSO 16908:2015 specifies the characteristics of rubber floor tile/planks. ISO 16908:2015 includes a classification system based on intensity of use, which shows contesse locking resilient plank flooring на русском where resilient floor coverings should provide satisfactory service. ISO 16908:2015 specifies rubber floor tile/planks for applications involving the use of normal footwear and does not cover applications where special footwear, such as spiked shoes, may be involved. Document published on:. Edition: 1 (Monolingual iCS: 97.150, status: Published, stage: 60.60 TC/SC: ISO/TC 219, number of Pages: 7, target publication date:. This.

  • From carpet tile to broadloom to planks to LVT, Milliken provides durable and. Tile is very simple and in many cases similar to other resilient flooring products.
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Section Heading Text 4Our Luxury Vinyl Tile products are backed by a 10-Year Limited Commercial Warranty that ensures quality and gives peace of mind. Milliken stands behind its products, protecting the beauty of the project and the design teams reputation. 2 сент. 2012 г. Milliken LVT provides superior performance, due in contesse locking resilient plank flooring на русском part to our thick Wear Layer and Admas UV-Cured Polyurethane coating, allowing us to provide a 12-Year Limited Commercial Wear Warranty. 1. Admas polyurethane coating UV-cured coating that provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance, eliminates the need for wax, polishes and harsh chemicalsreduced maintenance costs and improved IAQ 2. Transparent wear layer Hard wearing, provides long lasting appearance retention in heavy commercial traffic environments 3. Printed layer This layer utilizes high definition print film for stunning, eye-perfect, authentic visuals. 4-5. core AND backing layers Our high vinyl content core and backing ensures, excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance and durability.

ISO 16905:2015 - Resilient floor coverings - Specification for rubber

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